Wine Words



Bouquet: /bʊˈkeɪ,bəʊˈkeɪ,ˈbʊkeɪ/
The smell of a wine, usually from the wine’s ageing process.
As in: ‘This Riesling has a floral bouquet’


Fault: /fɔːlt,fɒlt/
An unpleasant problem with a bottle of wine, usually resulting from winemaking or storage issues.
As in: ‘There is a fault in this wine! Please take it back and bring me another of the same.’ 


Tannins: /ˈtænɪns/
Soft, hard, angular, fine, grippy are all words to describe tannins and how they feel in the mouth. Tannins often come from the stems or seeds of the grape as well as the oak in which the wine matures.


Breathing: /ˈbriːðɪŋ/
The process of letting the wine make contact with air, to open up its characteristics. This can happen in a glass, bottle or decanter.
As in: ‘Let’s leave this wine to breathe for another hour.'


Varietal: /v ‘r^ )l/ adj
The type of grape the wine is made from.
As in: ‘This Chardonnay is true to varietal form.'


Appellation: /,ap le ∫( )n/ n
The winegrowing region a wine came from. There are strict rules about how much of the fruit has to come from that region to earn its appellation.

As in: 'The appellation of this wine is Burgundy'.


Terroir: /tɛrˈwɑː, French tɛrwar/
Characteristics of a wine that result from the source of the fruit, including geology, climate and geography.
As in: 'There’s a real sense of terroir in this Cabernet.'

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