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Sortilege Prestige Canada Maple Whisky 7 yrs 750ml

  • Product details
    Sortilège is derived from an authentic recipe developed by the descendants of the first settlers of Quebec who brought Whisky making techniques to the new world and added a local native ingredient, maple syrup, to create a new and unique blended spirit.
  • Tasting notes
    Expertly distilled from the finest Canadian grains and then matured in hand-selected seasoned and new white oak barrels for a minimum of at least seven years, this is a unique taste experience enhanced with the warmth of the Canadian Whisky and the sweetness of pure maple syrup.
  • How to enjoy
    More Information
    Standard Drinks 24.2
    Variety Whisky
    Vintage Variable No
    Country Canada
    Closure Cork
    Size 750ml
    Brand Sortilege
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  • A unique blend of Canadian Whisky and maple syrup
  • Discover Canada's best-selling maple spirit
  • Something new for Whisky lovers
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