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Remedy Kombucha Lemon Lime Mint 24 x 250ml Cans

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    The kombucha cognoscente will tell you that this fermented tea has been around for a thousand years, but you probably noticed it around the time Sarah and Emmet Condon started making Remedy in their kitchen. That was 2012, their gamble paid off and they'd still be making if for only themselves and their mates if it wasn't for the fact that it's the tastiest and healthiest kombucha around. Lemon, Lime Mint is a thirst-quenching, citrus circus of tangy goodness that'll take you back to the good old days of the local lemonade stand. Consider your thirst quenched.
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    Vintage Variable Yes
    Brand Remedy
  • *Vintages are subject to change
  • Remedy Kombucha Lemon Lime Mint is a fruity flavoured kombucha from Melbourne
  • It has the zing of fresh pineapple and the sweetness of passionfruit
  • Remedy Lemon Lime Mint is packed with live cultures and anti-oxidants
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