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Penfolds Lot 518 Special Bottling Spirited Baijiu

Region South Australia Variety Red Blend
Penfolds Lot 518 Special Bottling Spirited Baijiu is a unique innovation created by Penfold's, the leading South Australian winemaker. Penfold's winemakers attempted this blend 36 times before striking the perfect blend of South Australian fortified shiraz and Chinese Baijiu spirit. The Baijiu is added prior to the secondary fermentation resulting in a unique texture with flavours of anise, cherry and rich plum. Enjoy now and for the next few years.

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James Halliday,

This feels and tastes right, elegant and savoury. Baijiu lovers who buy and consume billions of dollars’ worth of baijiu a year may feel as Peter Gago does when Grange is topped with Coca-Cola but I bet they’ll flock to it. 21.5% alc; cork 95 points; drink to 2018; $150

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Additional Information

Brand Penfolds
Variety Red Blend
Region South Australia
Bottle Size 750ml