Mojo Crafted Kombucha  

MOJO makes Australia's most probiotic-packed beverages! And not just any beneficial bacteria...all MOJO beverages contain an exclusive probiotic strain that survives the journey from mouth to the stomach, reaching your intestines alive where it does all its best work. 


Australia's First Family of Kombucha 

At MOJO, they are committed to providing the best range of sparkling probiotic beverages possible. In the pristine Southern Vales of the Fleurieu Peninsula, they creat their MOJO in small batches, with the best ingredients that they can source, to deliver a premium health-focused product. It is a hands-on approach, to ensure MOJO is the most probiotic-brimming beverages in Australia. Each bottle that leaves their Willunga site is made with Certified Organic ingredients, strength quality controls and 100% love. 

MOJO was created by Australia's first family of kombucha, who introduced bottles of sparkling, fermented tea to the market in 2010, pioneering the niche beverage category in Australia. An ancient health elixir, people have been fermenting tea to produce kombucha at home for many years. MOJO's humble beginnings link directly back to their founder, Anthony Crabb, being introduced to the drink by a well-traveled friend, and being inspired to begin handcrafting home batches of his own kombucha. 

After perfectly his brew, Anthony, with the help of his wife Sarah and a committed tribe of family and friends, embarked on a mission to take kombucha to the people - all beginning with an esky at the local farmers market. As Australians became more conscious of the impact of diet on their general health and, more people leanrt about the benefits of fermented beverages and foods, interest in kombucha grew. Anthony and Sarah travelled all over Australia, advocating the virtues of their wonder-brew to passionate health food retailers, cafe and restaurant owners and eventually independent and major grocery chains, always standing by their brief that 'true health begins within.' Today MOJO is sol throughout 4,000 outlets nation.

Dr. Joanna McMillan


What Are Probiotics?

Probiotics are "good, "friendly" or "healthy" bacteria that when ingested in adequate amounts may provide health benefits. 

Probiotics plays a vital role within your digestive system, helping to balance the effects of everyday life - such as stress and eating poorly - which can influence your gut's balance of bad versus good bacteria. A good kind of bacteria can work to keep the bad bacteria under control, improving gut function and reducing symptoms such as bloating, and wind. 

As well as helping to support digestive health having a balance of the 'good' bacteria is also known to support your immune system, guy health, and mental wellness. 

Mojo Kombucha Crafted Strawberry Hibiscus

"Today, our small local team continues to handcraft MOJO Kombucha using the same scoby we started with, continuously developing new varieties using real, organic ingredients. Happiness and health are at the forefront of everything we do. Cheers to good guts!"

Anothony & Sarah Crabb

Mojo Beverage Founders 


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