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Green Fairy Absinthe Gift Pack 500mL w/Spoon Recipe

  • Product details
    This cool gift pack includes a special absinth spoon to craft the cocktail in the most authentic way. Simply dip a sugar lump in absinthe on the spoon and then light it so the sugar takes on a sweet caramel flavour to mix with the drink diluted with water.
  • Tasting notes
    The Green Fairy original Czech Absinth is made from highest quality natural ingredients including wormwood and other herbs from the distillery´s secret recipe vaults.
  • How to enjoy
    More Information
    Standard Drinks 24
    Variety Absinthe
    Vintage Variable No
    Country Czech Republic
    Size 500ml
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  • Fun gift idea
  • From the world's oldest distillery
  • Superb base spirit for a variety of cocktails
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