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  1. Hennessy Paradis 700ml Gift Box

    Hennessy Paradis 700ml Gift Box


    In 1774 Richard Hennessy set up a small warehouse on the right bank of the River Charente to house his rarest eaux de vie, now known as the Founder’s Warehouse. Since then, eight generations of the Hennessy family have built up what is now the finest collection of old eaux de vie in the world. It is from these that Hennessy has been able to create Paradis. Paradis is the fruit of successive marriages between hundreds of different eaux de vie, nurtured to maturity by successive generations of the same family of cellar masters. Aromas of spice and pepper lead, with bright blossoming flowers, being smooth, full-bodied and long on the palate. Finesse, elegance and balance. Learn More
  2. Hennessy Richard Hennessy Cognac 700ml Gift Set png

    Hennessy Richard Hennessy 700ml Cognac Delux Gift

    France Engraving
    In 1765 Richard Hennessy laid the foundations of a priceless collection made up of his most exceptional eau-de-vie. Since then, eight generations of the Hennessy family have enriched the Founder’s Warehouse with their own contributions of the finest cognacs. It is from this collection that Hennessy has created Richard Hennessy - an homage to its founder - a complex cognac that embodies the soul of the celebrated House of Hennessy. Crafted from more than 100 exceptional ‘eaux-de-vie’, there are aromas of delicate, flowery notes, soft spices, nutmeg and hints of fennel. The finesse of the finished cognac is testament to years spent slowly maturing in oak barrels. Learn More
  3. Hennessy Paradis IMPERIAL 700ml Delux Gift Box png

    Hennessy Paradis IMPERIAL 700ml Delux Gift Box

    Delicate and sophisticated, the Paradis Imperial has a subtle elegance derived from the ageing of the eaux de vie blended to create it. Aromas of jasmine, orange blossom and other florals are balanced by smoky accents. The finish is long and persistent, a remarkable feat considering its delicacy. Learn More
  4. Hennessy VSOP Cognac 700ml |

    Hennessy VSOP Cognac 700ml


    Hennessy's status as one of the most revered Cognac producers is fully justified when it comes to their iconic VSOP, a sublimely balanced and elegant Cognac. Blended from more than 60 different eaux-di-vie, aged up to 15 years, this remarkable Cognac is class in a bottle. Learn More

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4 Item(s)