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  1. Glenmorangie Signet Scotch Whiskey 700ml

    Glenmorangie Signet Scotch Whisky 700ml


    Glenmorangie Signet is a Scotch clouded in secrecy, the culmination of a lifetime's experience. A blend of Glenmorangie’s oldest whisky - distilled over thirty years ago when malting still occurred on-site - and spirit matured in a selection of the world's finest casks, means that this is the iconic distillery's richest whisky. The exact process of its production is known only to the whisky creators, but the melting sweetness and explosive spiciness is, in part, caused by a unique roasted 'chocolate' barley malt and the 'designer casks' made bespoke for Glenmorangie from American white oak. Learn More
  2. Glenmorangie Nectar d'Or Single Malt 700ml

    Glenmorangie Nectar d'Or Single Malt 700ml


    Glenmorangie Nectar D'Or is a tantalisingly unique single malt whisky. Deliciously extravagant, this whisky has been extra-matured in wine barriques from Sauternes - the iconic sweet wine growing region of France - helping the whisky develop rich, spicy and dessert-like flavours. The balance between sweet and dry elements in this whisky has been executed flawlessly. Learn More
  3. Glenmorangie The Lasanta Single Malt Whisky 700ml

    Glenmorangie Lasanta Single Malt Whisky 700ml


    Glenmorangie Lasanta is an elegant but full-bodied whisky, having spent ten years maturing in American white oak ex-bourbon casks before being extra-matured for a further two years in Oloroso Sherry casks from Jerez in Spain. ‘Lasanta’ is Gaelic for warmth and passion, a reminder not just of the Spanish provenance of these Oloroso sherry butts, but also a reflection of the texture and enticingly-sweet aroma. Learn More
  4. Glenmorangie Original 10yo 700ml & 2 Tumblers png

    Glenmorangie Original 10yo 700ml & 2 Tumblers


    Glenmorangie Original 10 Year Old is a classic single malt that pays tribute to the iconic Scottish distillery. Pale, lemony gold in colour, there's an aroma of mandarin and lemon citrus, with some apple, pear and peach. On the palate there is velvety vanilla and more of that citrus zing, and slight notes of fennel and nutmeg.This gift is perfect for fathers day, Christmas or for that special someone that loves their single malts. Beautifully packaged with 2 scotch tumbles that will enhance all those flavours and aromas. Learn More

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4 Item(s)