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Hennessy Paradis Imperial
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Dom Perignon P2 1998
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Penfolds Grange Aevum
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Glenmorangie Signet
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There are few gifts more poignant and meaningful than the sharing of a fine wine experience.

As well as being highly esteemed and rich in provenance, the narrative behind each wine and its unique profile makes each bottle of wine highly personal, shaped to the preferences of the recipient and significance of the occasion. Whether the gift is for a colleague, friend or family member, fine wine offers a rare opportunity to gift something anchored by tradition and meaning.

At, our expertly trained staff bring more than 60 years of experience to assist your search for the perfect gift, helping you navigate the often complex world of fine wine to select the singularly ideal present. Questions of budget, region and varietal, as well as the practicalities of shipping, packaging and cards, are all within the realms of our offering.

Our service extends to complex and large-scale gifting solutions, such as recipients across different locations and unique card messages, capturing the essence of personal gifting in the comfort of a well-established logistical framework. Some unique elements to our gifting offering include beautifully aged fine wines suitable for birthdays and anniversaries, covering 50, 40 and 30 year milestones. Unique and memorable Champagne bottles, including party-sized large format bottles, as well as large incarnations of fine spirits and premium fortified wines, also fill the portfolio.

If you need a large scale solution with multiple recipients and multiple addresses you can download and fill in our Gift Order Form, send it to us via email at and we will take care of the rest.

Explore our range online, drop us an email or give us a phone call (1300 08WINE) to see what we are able to offer you or clarify any questions you might have on the process.

Our love of fine wine is superseded only by our love of sharing in your fine wine journey, whether it is your own or one you are gifting to someone else.