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Giaconda Estate Vineyard Chardonnay 2017

Region Beechworth, Vic Variety Chardonnay
The 2015 Giaconda Estate Chardonnay is the best vintage yet to come out of the Beechworth winery, when one would think that it couldn’t get any better. This wine has finesse with bright acidity, with complex notes of hazelnut, stonefruit and intense minerals; allowing the wine to have an extraordinary length on the palate. Aged in French Oak for almost two years and stored underground in the granite maturation cave, this environment offers a stable temperature and naturally high humidity for a perfect maturation period.

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Gary Walsh,

Interesting to taste this alongside the 2014 Leeuwin Estate Art Series, which must surely be two of the most pow pow powerful Chardonnay wines in the country. The Giaconda has, perhaps, more complexity, but it’s the Leeuwin Estate that has the startling length.

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Brand Giaconda Estate
Variety Chardonnay
Region Beechworth, Vic
Bottle Size 750ml