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The secret of Cipriani isn't about what can be seen or touched, but what can be felt and sensed. It is intangible but palpable. It can't be patented, but even after eighty-two years, it hasn't been duplicated by others.


Eighty years of rich history, Arrigo Cipriani shares the remarkable history of his Father's iconic bar. 




Hemingway would frequent the world-famous Venice Bar in the 1950s! 

Anyone who has been to this Italian iconic bar would understand why Hemingway loved it so much. 



  • David Bicknell from Oakridge Wines
    David Bicknell from Oakridge Wines

    There's that famous old French saying in Burgundy, about the good warm vintages, that you would have to be dead not to make good wine. And in the easy years, that's what happens - everyone makes good wine and everyone's picking around the same time. But it's the difficult years – and in the Valley here, we still get three or four difficult years in every ten – they're the years where you make the statement on your skills and your expertise.

  • Whiskies of The World
    Whiskies of The World

     While Scotland’s tradition in whisky holds a special place in the hearts of connoisseurs around the world, other nations have a celebrated history of their own, complete with their own rules on how they are distilled.

  •  Scottish Clans
    Scottish Clans